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Garden blog 11/2/20

The HPNC plot under the Little Inspiration windows and also the groundcover plant just south of that plot might still have some especially brave swallowtail caterpillars in it, or (more likely) some chrysalises that will spend the winter. The caterpillars look like this:

Let's hope they would be at the biggest stage by now. The chrysalises look like this (and could be anywhere -- the caterpillars travel away from their food to get ready for this stage):

There could also be moth cocoons, which would look either like this (on a stem or on the ground) :

Or like this (on or in the ground):

I've seen the reddish-brown little capsule things often, and this spring, I found the large, tan kind of cocoon in the area under the HPNC sign, where it had spent the winter. This huge polyphemus moth eventually came out of it:

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