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Play is essential to healthy childhood development. It is a basic human right for all children. 

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Here at Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, we celebrate play. In 1909, our founders carved out from a crowded urban landscape a safe and welcoming place for children to both learn and be playfully engaged. Today, we build on that legacy by welcoming over 450 children each year to play. From imaginative play in early childhood to organized athletics, HPNC offers a level of play for children of all ages. 

Play is an essential ingredient in all of our programs. During our After School Program, children who have been sitting quietly for most of the day let loose, run around outdoors or in our gym, and make up their own games with friends. At Tot Lot, children from birth to 5 years-old explore their physical abilities and meet their first friends – while their caregivers make new friends, too! Basketball, tumbling, and roller derby give structure and challenge to play as children expand their skills and find success in practice and teamwork. 

Play is so important to the healthy development of children that it must be a priority.

Play On! Champions have made a gift of $1,000 for this campaign. We hope you will make a gift at any level to power the play of children from across Chicago’s South Side. Please join the team today and help our kids Play On!


Play On! Team Captains

  • Joy Clendenning   

  • Bennie Currie   

  • Fred Donner   

  • Katherine Groninger   

  • Eileen Holzhauer 

  • Margaret Hellie Huyck   

  • Tom Levinson   

  • Kate Oakes 

  • Anne Renna 

  • Johanna Russ 

  • Ernest Sanders   

  • Michael Scott   

  • Linda Diamond Shapiro   

  • Joy Elion Simmons   

  • Ray Willis 


Play On! Champions $1,000+

  • Katherine Buck and Kevin Preloger

  • Joy Clendenning and Michael Scott

  • Emlyn Eisenach and Eric Posner

  • Barbara Flynn Currie

  • Deb Hass

  • Margaret Hellie Huyck

  • Rebecca Janowitz

  • Elizabeth Kieff and Thomas Levinson 

  • Jennifer and Myron Lewis

  • Flynn McRoberts and Monica Davey

  • Julia Parzen and Daniel Johnson

  • Anne Renna and Nicolas Owens

  • Rochelle Robinson-Dukes and Marc Dukes

  • Mary and Craig Root

  • Johanna Russ and Rebecca Cohen 

  • Philip And Melissa Russ

  • Linda and Mark Shapiro

  • Julie and William Spielberger

  • Linda Erf Swift

  • Janet and Imre Szilagyi


Team Play On!

  • Barry and Joan Arnason

  • Nancy and Richard Baum

  • Rachel and Richard Barnard

  • Beth and Van Bistrow

  • Vivian Burns

  • Katrina Carrizales

  • Judy Chernick

  • Roy Coleman and Dianna Uchida

  • Patrick and Pamela Cummings

  • Sibyl Day

  • John and Josephina Disterhoft

  • Bernard Del Giorno

  • Lisa and Daniel Golden

  • Grace Dodier and William Green 

  • Alton Dunkley

  • Margaret M. Evans

  • Deborah Franczek

  • Evan and Nan Freund

  • Robin and Austan Goolsbee
  • Fran Grossman

  • Alex Hambrock

  • Colleen Hamilton

  • Nancy Caroline Harney

  • Robin Hawkins

  • Richard and Cheryl Hiipakka

  • Jing Jing Hsee

  • Yael Hoffman and Andrew Skol

  • Rebecca Incledon 

  • Carol H. Johnson

  • Suzanne Krill

  • Sylvia MacBride

  • Jeanne Marsh

  • Gordon Mayer and Kate Graham

  • Joan Neal and David Weisbach

  • Raymond Patrick

  • Sam Peltzman and Nancy Bradney
  • Jennifer Pitts
  • Peter and Dorothy Pytel
  • Earl and Christiane Ronneberg
  • Marie Schilling
  • Loren Santow
  • Charles and Susan Schwartz
  • Barbara and Michael Simon
  • Diana Stokes
  • Mary Stonor Saunders
  • Barbara Roy
  • Yuval Taylor and Karen Duys
  • Lauralee V. Thompson
  • Dorothy Truesdell 
  • Anna Mary Wallace
  • Mary Wisniewski