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Open Gym Basketball

Open gym basketball at HPNC is for new as well as skilled players. HPNC staff will facilitate 5-on-5 full court games, open to all genders. 

Open court basketball connects youth throughout the city with the goal of enjoying the game in a fun and safe environment. The free-play atmosphere provides youth agency with their play under the supervision of HPNC staff. 

Fall 2024: Stay tuned!

Elementary/Middle School (4th-8th grades)

When: TBD

Who: Open to all youth in grades 4-8 of any gender 

Cost: FREE, registration required

High School (9th-12th grades)

When: TBD

Who: Open to all youth in grades 9-12 of any gender

Cost: FREE, registration required

Open gym basketball
Explorers Camp - Teen
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Explorers Camp

Rising 6th-8th graders


Explorers Camp is an opportunity for middle school students to learn, grow, and thrive as “explorers” by introducing them to active, fun-facing, and innovative experiences. Focusing on youth voice and choice, campers will have the opportunity to plan their summer activities, working with staff as thought partners to enhance their daily engagement. This year in Explorers Camp, we are cultivating youth leaders by encouraging them to push past the boundaries of current thinking to produce bigger and bolder ideas, while developing the courage and resilience needed to put those ideas into action. 


Unlike our 1st-5th grade Summer Camp, Explorers Camp is offered as one 8-week session.


Questions? Visit Summer Camp FAQ

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In summer 2023, HPNC partnered with MAPCorps to provide meaningful work experience and high-quality data for high school youth. Recruited to be employed as community data scientists, youth were trained to apply scientific method and mobile technology to capture data about all the public facing businesses and organizations serving their communities. During this program, youth were challenged to demonstrate personal integrity and apply their best critical thinking skills to the scientific, health, and civic engagement components of the MAPCorps experience.

At MAPSCorps, Youth Researchers work with community-based organizations to collect valuable information (data) about the businesses and organizations in Chicago's communities. Once that data is collected, Youth Researchers work as a team to research their community and use the data to make recommendations for how to improve the health and well-being of the community's residents. At the end of the summer, Youth Researchers present their research and recommendations to researchers, policy-makers, elected officials, and other professionals at the August Scientific Symposium.

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