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Ages 14-15 

Our Mappers build skills to prepare them not only for college, but their careers! By mapping your community, working with your team, and preparing for our symposium, you'll learn valuable skills in data science, research, and advocacy. All of this is really impressive on resumes, as well.

Each morning, you will meet up with your team to set your goals and assignments. Then, you'll visit your assigned locations and use your provided smartphone to collect data. Together with your team, you'll map community resources and help our neighborhoods! At the end of the summer, your team will present your findings at our annual scientific symposium. 

Check back in spring 2022 for summer 2022 registration 

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club Summer Camp

Explorers Camp

For rising 6th-8th graders

Explore your neighborhood and your world through Explorers Camp! This camp for middle school students will feature a broad range of opportunities to learn a new skill, make great friends, and have a summer to remember. 

Activities include filmmaking, creative writing, social justice campaigns, arts & crafts, cooking, water games, and neighborhood outings. We are also excited to partner with FreshLens to provide an introduction to photography, culminating with a group photo gallery at the end of camp. Campers who complete the course get to keep their camera!