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Financial Aid

Making our programs accessible for everyone

HPNC offers two different ways for families to receive financial aid for HPNC programs: 1) a childcare subsidy through Illinois Action for Children and 2) sliding scale pricing. 

Illinois Action for Children (IAC) is a childcare assistance program offered by the State of Illinois. HPNC welcomes families that receive a childcare subsidy through IAC. HPNC often has special rates for IAC families to ensure equitable access to childcare & enrichment. 

Guidelines for Illinois Action for Children enrollment 

  • Parent/caregiver must have an active Illinois Action for Children case for the child enrolling in programming. Active families should send a copy of the childcare assistance approval letter to 

  • To enroll in HPNC programming, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club must be listed as the childcare provider on the approval letter. To change childcare providers: 

    •  ​Request the childcare provider change form and submit to IAC

    •  It may take 3-6 weeks for new approval letter to be sent​​

  • If you are a first time applicant it may take up to 6 weeks to receive a response or request for additional information 

  • Families receiving a childcare subsidy through IAC are responsible for maintaining their case which includes redetermination/case renewals. 

Sliding Scale Pricing is an income-based discount for families that do not qualify to receive a childcare subsidy through Illinois Action for Children, do not have an active case, or would like to proceed with enrollment while their case is processed.

Steps to receive sliding scale assistance

  • Parent/caregiver must submit a sliding scale application

    • The application requires a tax return from the previous year & two most recent paystubs 

    • Please note that it can take up to one to two weeks for your application to be reviewed & processed 


Financial Aid FAQ
I used to have IAC but my case expired/no longer active, can I still enroll? 
If your income is in a range that qualifies you for an IAC subsidy, we recommend you reapply for IAC. If you wish to proceed with enrollment you may apply for sliding scale while you wait for your IAC case to be renewed. 


I want to apply for sliding scale assistance, but I don’t have a recent tax return. Can I still apply? 
No. We require a recent tax return to process all sliding scale applications because discounts are income-based. This is a requirement for all applicants. 


My child is enrolled in IAC but my case will soon be ending (because of aging out of IAC, income change, etc.). Can I still continue in programming? 
If you are currently enrolled under IAC but will soon no longer be eligible, you may be approved for sliding scale assistance. To make this transition smoother, please let us know as soon as possible. 


For any other inquiries regarding financial aid please contact for assistance. 

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