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Building Revitalization Project

The Building Revitalization Project will foster community and facilitate innovative programs for youth, families, and partners—especially in the areas of sustainability and outdoor education—by reconfiguring and modernizing systems, spaces and amenities within HPNC's existing facility.


Wave 1 includes:

  • 1,200-square foot club lounge

  • 600-square foot garden-to-table teaching kitchen

  • 300-square foot front yard patio

  • 100% all-inclusive restrooms

  • Baby comforting room

  • DIY Workspace

  • Indoor classroom improvements

  • Program office

  • ADA accessibility, safety & security upgrades

Wave 2 includes:

  • Gymnasium seating expansion

  • Offices & meeting space

  • Solar panels

  • Building insulation & thermal windows

  • Pervious pavement

  • Outdoor master plan including greenhouse, gardens, and play areas

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities recognize leadership gifts toward HPNC's larger vision to Cultivate the Future.

WAVE 1: Fostering Community and Sustainability

Club Lounge

HPNC is a place of community, of belonging. Currently, the lack of an inviting communal entry space and awkward hallways limit spontaneous gathering. A bright new 1,200-square-foot lobby, HPNC’s Club Lounge will warmly greet participants with room to congregate, inviting them inside to rest, enjoy a cup of herbal tea fresh from the garden, or choose a game from the lending library while they wait for their class to start. The new space also will afford front desk staff clear sightlines to provide supervision for the whole building, while making space for youth leaders to work. And permanent risers will enable flexibility to use the space for shows, open mic nights, and other performances by night, while providing a platform for plush cushion seating by day. 

Baby Comforting Room

An oasis of calm, this space is specially designed to meet the needs of HPNC’s newest participants and their caregivers– a private, quiet sanctuary to provide baby’s nourishment and a sense of peace.

WAVE 2: Upgrading Athletics and Elevating Nature

Gymnasium Expansion

HPNC’s gymnasium hosts an array of activities, from basketball games and Tot Lot toddler play to our annual Pancake Breakfast. Spectator space for parents and fans is insufficient, so during games, they must duck and huddle on the narrow sidelines to clear the way for players. The gym expansion will open the space with seating for 200 people that is versatile to host community theater and other performances, while also providing natural light, better ventilation, and safer emergency entry and egress. 

Building Project Meetings

Learn more about HPNC's near-term Building Revitalization Project.

Upcoming dates:

Parent Meetings

Tuesday, April 23, 5:30-6:30pm - IN-PERSON / VIRTUAL

Friday, April 26, 10:30-11:30am - IN-PERSON

Community Meetings

Friday, April 26, 10:30-11:30am - IN-PERSON

Monday, April 29, 6:30-7:30pm - VIRTUAL / ZOOM

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