COVID-19 Safety Practices

Student & staff safety is our priority

The local risk based on CDC Covid-19 community levels is medium in Chicago and Cook County. Following the guidance of the Chicago Department of Public Health, mask wearing is optional in HPNC's indoor spaces. 

Here are the steps we take every day to provide as safe an environment as possible: 


Our facility 

  • We follow the CDC guidelines on ventilation in schools and childcare programs.

  • We have installed MERV-13 filters in the building's HVAC system, which runs continuously while the building is occupied.

  • Each classroom is equipped with a smart HEPA air purifier.

  • Classroom windows remain open as weather conditions allow.

  • Every evening after programming, all spaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Our programs 

  • We prioritize using outdoor spaces and our large, well-ventilated gym for programs when possible

Our team  

  • All HPNC staff are strongly encouraged to receive a Covid-19 vaccine and boosters.

  • HPNC staff receive generous sick time benefits so there is no pressure for staff to come to work while experiencing troubling symptoms of Covid-19  

Covid guidance flow chart.png