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For years, Chicago has been a welcoming city for displaced people from all over the world. Whether they were fleeing war in Ukraine, political unrest in Afghanistan, or economic instability in Venezuela, our neighborhood recently became home to children and families needing refuge and a new start.


From fall 2023 through summer 2024, HPNC launched new neighborhood collaborations, offered ESL and bi-lingual tutoring, and temporarily opened our doors for longer hours to our new neighbor children, families, and volunteers so that they could learn, grow, and thrive in community. We were especially proud to partner with Hyde Park Refugee Project, Street Soccer USA, the Hyde Park Kenwood Interfaith Council, and other grassroots initiatives. 


Today, families still in Hyde Park and nearby are transitioning to join HPNC's other existing programs, such as Summer Camps, Tot Lot, and After School Programs. We thank all who joined the neighborhood movement to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors.


migrant support guiding values.png
Coordinate support efforts 

Communicate clearly and transparently 
  • Lake Shore Hotel Support Group WhatsApp
  • Neighbors Helping Our New Neighbors- South Side Chicago
  • Hyde Park Kenwood Interfaith Council – Hunger Programs
  • Hyde Park Refugee Project
  • Street Soccer USA-Chicago
  • The Southwest Collective Page
  • Block Club Chicago- "Here's How to Help The Latest Wave of Migrants Coming to Chicago"
  • Informational Page for Migrants located in Woodlawn, South Shore, and Kenwood
  • Welcoming All- Merch Fundraiser
    Police Station Response Team Volunteers set up fundraising page selling merchandise to help pay for the everyday expenses needed to support the needs of those migrating. Check out their page below. Article:
  • Make a Blanket for our new Neighbors!
    Blankets are a HUGE priority, and we need more solutions for the long term. My idea is to make fleece tie blankets because they are no-sew, no experience needed, quick to make, and very warm. To make 1 blanket we just need two, 2 yard wide (72 inches) fleece fabrics, scissors, and the ability to tie double knots. Contact Sofia at or 773-497-7574 if you would like to: 1) make blankets 2) secure fleece donations from local fabric stores 3) otherwise contribute blankets, blanket making resources, or hook us up with other blanket making groups. Supplies for 10 child sized blankets (48 inches wide) are supposed to arrive by 9/30, so I should be ready to go this weekend unless I can get more supplies tomorrow. How to make a fleece tie blanket:
  • Socks and Blanket Donations
    Contact Tiffany Mankowski from the Nichols Park Advisory Council at or 773-727-6435 to drop off blanket and socks donations.
  • Chicago Organizations Donations
  • Saint Paul and the Redeemer Migrant Refugee Program
    The SPR Migrant Refugee Program is looking for those to assist with: - Spanish-Speaking interpreters who can make home visits to mentor migrant tenants making them aware of the resources available to them in Hyde Park. - ESL instructors to help them improve their English language proficiency - Financial contributions to help the tenants meet some of their living expenses. For more information visit: Donations can be made:

Community Resources and Volunteer Opportunities 

Have a volunteer opportunity or resource that you want posted on this page?

Click the button below to fill out our new neighbor support list. 

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