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Garden Blog 7/24/20

Today Marilyn says that she’s continuing to see a lot of monarchs, and we are too! She says we can expect to see them for the rest of the summer — a few generations live and die here, and then the last generation will hatch as eggs in late August/early September and then migrate south in early October (if things go according to the usual schedule). 

Two of our favorite flowers are now blooming at the south end of the butterfly garden: Mexican sunflower/tithonia.

And this type of zinnia called peppermint stick, which has random stripes and spots:

Once we have a few more zinnias blooming, Marilyn will can give Summer Camp teachers some parameters for where on the plant to cut, how many at a time, etc., so they can let kids cut a few now and then. As long as everyone leaves enough for the pollinators, it’s good to cut zinnias because this encourages more blooms.

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